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TITLE: The Unreliable Narrator.
FANDOM: Fringe.
CHARACTERS: Lincoln Lee, Olivia Dunham, Peter Bishop, Astrid Farnsworth, Walter Bishop
NOTES: Written with the view Fringe will end as advertised, I wrote another one of these stories somewhere, which went along the lines Fringe wouldn't do the predictable, so, I guess this is called covering bases.


The Unreliable Narrator )


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Fandom: Fringe.
Characters: Nina Sharp and Phillip Broyles.
Rating: Gen.
From this prompt: Nina/Broyles in the Brown Betty 'verse, Broyles is a corrupt cop on the end of his rope when Nina makes him an offer that he can't refuse.

Brown Betty )
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 Found this today, um, written back in May, and then completely forgotten.  I should probably finish this story at some stage. An alt-verse fic, Liv, LIncoln, Peter.



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TITLE: Now and Then - or how the legend of the Woolley Mammoth was Completely Wrong.
CHARACTERS: Astrid, Walter, Olivia.
NOTES: Set in the amber-verse, between the pilot episode and mid-season three.  I had issues writing this story, I had issues after finishing  said story, posting it, and now afterwards, I still have issues.  Issues as big as Woolley Mammoth's.  Until I take a deep breath (a shiny red pen) and edit the bejesus out of said story, I'm going to hide it here instead. 

Fic under the Cut )
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TITLE: Human Remains.
CHARACTERS: Olivia Dunham, Lincoln Lee.
RATING: PG - some language here and there.
NOTES: Written in a hurry for the secret santa exchange.


Human Remains. )


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Fringe Fic
Characters - Olivia Dunham, Peter Bishop, Lincoln Lee.


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Title: The Missing
Spoilers: Minor for season 4
Walter character study.

The Missing )
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Quick shout-out for all the writers who have kept me entertained in last couple of months, and a heartfelt thank you, because hiatus was killing me.

Fringe Fics that saw me through hiatus )
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